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Wills & Will Writing from ADS Wills

ADS Wills is a professional company, based in Kent, offering a complete will & will writing service.

Why Make a Will?

Most people now realise that making a will is an obligation rather than an option. Without a will your estate can be needlessly complicated for your loved ones. In fact, without a will, it may not be your loved ones who benefit!

Your will is a legally binding document in which you can:

  • Appoint someone to legally take charge of your affairs.
  • Direct who you would like to get your money and property
  • State who you wish to appoint as guardians of any minor children you may have and make provision for their financial security.
  • Plan for and reduce your Inheritance Tax liability.
  • Save your family unnecessary worries at an already difficult time.

It doesn't matter what age you are - you are never too young or too old to make a will.

There is much information on this site relating to wills and inheritance, so do please take the time to have a look. If you have any queries do please contact us.

Just contact ADS Wills today and we will take care of everything for you. And at a very sensible price.

MAke a will

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