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Wills & the Single & Widowed

Single & Widowed

It is a Mistake for single people to believe that they do not need a Will because they have no real dependants.


  • Elderly parents may not be able to wind up your estate.
  • You may have close friends or loved ones whom you wish to receive a gift.
  • You may wish to leave something to a charity.
  • Single parents must write a Will to state their wishes as to guardians of minor children.
  • "No" Will means any assets you have will be distributed as the State dictates under the Rules of Intestacy.


  • A Will can prevent family disputes over money and property
  • A Will enables you to pass on family heirlooms as you wish
  • Allows you to make gifts to charities. Such gifts are usually exempt of Tax.

Enduring Power of Attorney

This is a legal Document, written whilst you are fit and healthy, and used to appoint a person or persons to deal with your affairs on your behalf should you become incapable.

It can cover all your affairs or can be restricted to certain acts.

Like your Will it can be updated, amended or revoked at any time before it is registered with the Court of Protection.

A husband and wife can appoint each other to be their attorney.

ADS Wills can advise and produce an Enduring Power of Attorney for you.

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